Glen: Wow, that piano player is really good.

Jersey: Yep, Piano Man, he’s a buddy of mine. He has a weekly gig at Pete’s dueling piano bar.

Glen: What’s his story?

Jersey: I can’t believe you haven’t figured this out yet, Glen, but why don’t we ask him to find out?

Glen: Okay.

Jersey: Yo Piano Man, this guy wants to hear your life story.

Piano Man: You sure he doesn’t just wanna hear Tiny Dancer, Piano Man and Brick over and over?

Jersey: Whoa buddy. What’s the matter?

Piano: Sorry, Jersey. I’m so sick of playing the same songs over and over.

Jersey: Well, now’s the chance for you to play something original for this rookie. Then, after you should play Sweet Caroline.

Piano Man: I could have been somethin’
The Billy Joel of Boston
Instead I’m here every weekend
The dirty 6th in Austin

I was a dime a dozen
Guess everyone can play piano in Boston
So now on Friday’s I work at Pete’s
And every week it’s the same thing

Jersey: What do you mean?

(Plays UT fight song)

Jersey: That doesn’t seem so bad. People love hearing their old college fight song.

Piano Man: Yea, I know. And when one ends, they always want to hear the next one.

(Plays A&M fight song)

Glen: I don’t know these songs. How about “Don’t Stop Believin”?

Piano Man: You know what, dude? You should stop believin. I’m gonna play you one of my own songs.

It’s 10 o’clock on a Friday
The usual people are here
There’s a young guy sitting next to me
Having sex with his beer.

Glen: This sounds awfully familiar.

Piano Man: Oops I’ve done it again
Ripped off a song that was famous
Just like my song called Tequilaville
This explains why I didn’t make it

Jersey: Look, Piano Man. You may not be the Billy Joel of Boston, but you’re kind of like the Elton John of Austin.

Piano Man: In what way?

Jersey: I don’t know dude. I was just trying to make you feel better.

Piano Man: Thanks. Well, I’d better work on my song. It’s called, “I’ve got friends in high places.” Dammit, no it’s called “Green Eyed Girl.” Oh god nevermind.


from Tricycle Taxi: The Pedicab Musical, released October 15, 2016


all rights reserved



Danny Calise Gardena, California

A high school teacher by day, singer-songwriter by Summer, Danny Calise simply will never stop writing songs.

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