ACT ONE: Ukulele Lesson

from by Danny Calise



Jersey: Ya know, Jackleen. I have an idea to attract you some more customers. (He pulls out two Ukuleles and hands one to Jackleen.)

Jackleen: Wow, thanks. (Holds the ukulele properly and puts her fingers on the frets.) I used to know how to play a few chords, but no songs.

Jersey: Not a problem. Just follow my lead. First play a G, then move your finger down, then take it off, then back to G.

(Jackleen successfully plays the chords along with Jersey)

Jackleen: Wow, you made that seem really simple.

Jersey: Well, I’m a teacher.

Jackleen: (under her breath) Ugh.

Jersey: (Smiling) What, are you disappointed?

Jackleen: (Lying, poorly) No.

Jersey: Just sing along with me.

Jersey: Hey, would you like a ride?
It’s so beautiful outside

Jersey and Jackleen: Hey, would you like a ride?
It’s so beautiful outside

Jackleen: Well, thanks again Jersey wish me luck!


from Tricycle Taxi: The Pedicab Musical, released October 15, 2016


all rights reserved



Danny Calise Gardena, California

A high school teacher by day, singer-songwriter by Summer, Danny Calise simply will never stop writing songs.

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