Patron: Hey pedicabs, there’s one two three four of us and we’re heading to the gayborhood
Surely two of you can handle us?

Jersey: Of course. Hop on in.

Patron: Splendid.

Patron 2: Let’s race

All: yea!

Patron: Let’s sweeten the deal. First pedicab there will recive double, nay, triple the tip. And go!

I’m startin out slow and steady
My legs are giving out already
I gotta keep this guy next to me
Can’t forget about that money

I’m peddling as hard as I can
Meanwhile I’m sweating to death
This is the ninth day of this
These guys are so damn heavy

I wanna make enough money
So I can quit this damn company
I wanna buy a cab of my own

The cab I would build would be nice
Only my designs
With all year round Christmas lights
Blinking on the on the sides

Patron: Hurry now boy they’re catching up.
What did you say your name was again?

Jersey: Act-

Patron 2 in other cab: What’s up basic bitches??? Hahah

Patron: Rotten, they’ve caught up to us.
If we’re not the first pair of queens to roll up to Oilcan harry’s you’ll get nothing.
Now peddle!

This cab is so damn shitty
I hate my damn company
What’s with this guy next to me?
I think he’s on steroids steroids

I’m peddling in spite of my pain
Nothing to lose, something to gain
We should both get triple the tip
These guys are so damn stingy

It looks like I might win this
My pipe dream is back in business
I’m gonna buy a cab of my own

My cab will dripping with swag
As I zig and zag
My riders would sing in the streets
On my karaoke machine

Just a little more
Almost there
I see it
How badly do I want my own cab?
So badly

You’ve done it! Hah-hah queens. Our boy won
As promised, here is $60
Other boy, as promised,


from Tricycle Taxi: The Pedicab Musical, released October 15, 2016


all rights reserved



Danny Calise Gardena, California

A high school teacher by day, singer-songwriter by Summer, Danny Calise simply will never stop writing songs.

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